Googling, copyright and trademarks

Oh! So I can keep up by researching on Google for my projects, right? Um, not really. One word: plagarism. Sources of inspiration are commonplace in graphic design. We look at magazines, the work of others and Google to get ideas (which is not, in and of itself, a bad idea). However, the designer must know the difference between inspiration and plagiarism Inspiration, as simple as it sounds, inspires. Plagiarism takes the work of others and presents it as your own. Additionally, plagiarism is copyright infringement, especially if the original image came from Google. You must abide by the licensing agreement of an image in order to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism. When in doubt, remember it’s not plagiarism or copyright infringement if you are stealing from yourself, using your own sketchbooks for inspiration. For more information, see:

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