Dealing with a client, proposing a contract, and getting paid

First, dealing with a client. Graphic design is part art, part psychology, part counselor. The main objectives in an initial client meeting should be determining budget, getting the client to articulate their ideas about what they want, and getting enough information to develop an initial quote.
Client questions for a logo

Client questions for a website

Asking the client about a budget

Client red flags

Then, the contract. Please always use a contract. A “contract lite” is a letter of agreement. I always require a signed letter of agreement to schedule the work.

David Airey on contracts.

Basic terms to include (have them reviewed for the state in which you intend to have your office by a lawyer).

Free forms from Creative Public. Click on “forms.”

Finally, getting paid and protecting your work.

Cease and desist.


Death & taxes. Both are a sure thing.

Keep 33 cents out of every dollar to pay your taxes. Get to know a lawyer and a CPA on which you can count.
Check Bankrate for tax advice in plain English